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Do Not Bring a God Down to the Level of a Demon


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Worldly people use their religion, in order to have success in business, to acquire power and situations of prosperity; but if they fall sick, lose their possessions and so on, they think their gods are displeased and begin to think of them as demons.

If through the Mind Training we become proud and boastful, it will be as Gampopa once said: Dharma not practiced properly will bring us down to the lower realms. If we become pretentious and conceited, we will certainly not be practicing Dharma. Because of our pride, the Mind Training, instead of taming us as it should, will make us all the more hard and obstinate …

If the medicine we take is unsuited to the illness we have, our condition will be all the worse. In the same way, we should apply the teachings so that they act as an antidote to our ego-clinging. Towards everyone we should consider ourselves as the humblest of servants, taking the lowest place. We should try really very hard to be modest and self-forgetting.

From Enlightened Courage, by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Copyright 1993 by Editions Padmakara (Padmakara Translation Group). Published and distributed by Snow Lion Publications. Used by permission.

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For many readers this is the most-beloved commentary on the Mind Training practice, by one of the most prominent Tibetan lamas of the 20th century. Contains many fascinating Buddhist stories not included in the extrats on this website.