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He says: criticize people's minds, criticize their ideologies, criticize their systems of thought, criticize everything - but never criticize anybody's love, never criticize anybody's trust. Why? Because love is so valuable, trust is so immensely valuable. To destroy it, to criticize it, is the greatest harm one can do to anybody.
Logic is blind: criticize it! Love has eyes: ONLY love has eyes, because only love can see God. Criticize beliefs, because beliefs are nothing but doubts hidden behind beautiful words. Criticize beliefs, but don't criticize anybody's trust.

So whenever you see somebody in love, somebody in trust, avoid the temptation to criticize. It is easy to criticize, it is easy to throw poison at somebody's love affair. But you don't know that you have been destructive, you don't know that you have destroyed something of immense beauty. You have thrown a rock on a rose flower.

From The Book of Wisdom : Discourses on Atisha`s Seven Points of Mind Training, by Osho
Used by kind permission of Osho Foundation International

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